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Reverend Albert Kang

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Trusting The Voice

A young pilot had just passed the point of no return when the weather changed for the worse. Visibility dropped to a matter of feet as fog descended to the earth. 

Putting total trust in the cockpit instruments was a new experience to him, for the ink was still wet on the certificate verifying that he was qualified for instrument flying. 

The landing worried him the most. His destination was a crowded metropolitan airport he wasn't familiar with. 

In a few minutes he would be in radio contact with the tower. Until then, he was alone with his thoughts. 

His instructor had practically forced him to memorize the rulebook. He didn't care for it at the time, but now he was thankful. 

Finally he heard the voice of the air traffic controller."I'm going to put you on a holding pattern," the controller radioed. Great! thought the pilot. 

However, he knew that his safe landing was in the hands of this person. He had to draw upon his previous instructions and training, and trust the voice of an air traffic controller he couldn't see. 

Aware that this was no time for pride, he informed the controller, "This is not a seasoned pro up here. I would appreciate any help you could give me." 

"You've got it!" he heard back. 

For the next 45 minutes, the controller gently guided the pilot through the blinding fog. 

As course and altitude corrections came periodically, the young pilot realized the controller was guiding him around obstacles and away from potential collisions. 

With the words of the rulebook firmly placed in his mind, and with the gentle voice of the controller, he landed safely at last. 

The Holy Spirit guides us through the maze of life much like that air traffic controller. 

The controller assumed that the young pilot understood the instructions of the flight manual. His guidance was based on that. 

Such is the case with the Holy Spirit: He can guide us if we have knowledge of God's Word and His will established in our minds. 

What’s Wrong with the World?

G.K. Chesterton once wrote to the editor in response to a request by the London Times for an essay on the topic, “What’s Wrong with the World,” 
“Dear Sir:
In response to your article, ‘What’s wrong with the world’
– I am.
Yours truly,
G.K. Chesterton.”

The Great Shelter

The Maker of the storms does not need to make any shelter for us. 

Whenever the storm hits, GOD, Himself, is our Shelter. (Isaiah 4:6)

Albert Kang

You Are Royalty

One of the reasons why many Christians do not feel good about themselves is that they have forgotten their true identity and position in life. 

Have you suffered from this same identity crisis? 

If you are a child of God, please remember that you are royalty. 

You are either a Princess or a Prince. 

Your Father is the Eternal King of kings who created the whole universe. 

If you are royalty, then please behave like one. God bless! 

Albert Kang

Your Friends And Enemies

Your friends are those who rejoice when you succeed. 

Those who envy or are jealous of your success are not really your friends. 

Those who despise your success are your enemies. 

Your greatest Friend is Jesus. Your greatest enemy is satan. 

Jesus will rejoice with you whenever you reach a new milestone in your life. 

Satan will try to convince you that there is nothing to rejoice no matter what you achieve. 

Listen to the Victorious One and not to the greatest loser of all losers. 

Albert Kang

Monday, May 27, 2013

Socrates And Knowlwdge

There's a story about a proud young man who came to Socrates asking for knowledge. 

He walked up to the muscular philosopher and said, "O great Socrates, I come to you for knowledge." 

Socrates recognized a pompous idiot when he saw one. 

He led the young man through the streets, to the sea, and chest deep into water. Then he asked, "What do you want?" 

"Knowledge, O wise Socrates," said the young man with a smile. 
Socrates put his strong hands on the man's shoulders and pushed him under. 

Thirty seconds later Socrates let him up. "What do you want?"he asked again. "Wisdom," the young man sputtered, "O great and wise Socrates." 

Socrates crunched him under again. Thirty seconds passed, thirty-five. Forty. Socrates let him up. The man was gasping. 

"What do you want, young man?" Between heavy, heaving breaths the fellow wheezed, "Knowledge, O wise and wonderful..." 

Socrates jammed him under again Forty seconds passed. Fifty. "What do you want?" "Air!" he screeched. "I need air!" 

"When you want knowledge as you have just wanted air, then you will have knowledge." 

And what's the best knowledge there is? 

The knowledge of God.