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In this blog, I have collected many stories, quotes, jokes and ideas that I use regularly in my sermons.I have tried to put in the sources and origins of these illustrations. If I have missed some or gotten the wrong sources, please let me know. I will update them. Feel free to use these illustrations for the glory of God. If you have some illustrations that you like to contribute, kindly add them to my blog, so that I and others may benefit from them. God bless!
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Peacock Syndrome

A rich man decided to take up fishing. He bought the most expensive equipment and bait, but he caught nothing. 

He passed by a farm boy who had an old stick and a rusty hook but had caught a big string of fish. 

"How did you manage to catch so many, when I couldn't catch a single one?" he asked. 

"Oh," said the boy, "I try to keep out of sight so the fish won't see me. Perhaps you show yourself too much."

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