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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Most Expensive Fastfood

A few years back George Beane of Palmdale, California, stopped at a local Burger King and ordered 4 sandwiches at the drive-through window. Total cost of his bill: $4.33. 

However, when he handed the girl at the drive up window his debit card she absent-mindedly punched in the numbers ... and then punched them in again without erasing the original ones - creating a total bill of $4,334.33.

He signed the slip without checking it... and the charge went through to George’s checking account leaving him penniless.

The newspapers got ahold of the story and billed the incident as "The most expensive meal in history." 

However, that meal could not be compared with another expensive meal. It was in Eden, Adam and Eve paid the price that almost cost them their lives.

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