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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Reading Psalm 23

One Sunday, a young boy was asked to read Psalm 23 to the whole congregation. After he finished, the whole church stood up and gave this gifted child a long and loud applause. Then the oldest man in the Church was asked to read the same Psalm. 

After he finished reading, there was dead silence. Then the sound of weeping spread across the sanctuary. People were sobbing and raising their hands to heaven. 

During the break, the boy went to the elderly man and asked for advice, "Why when I read Psalm 23, the people applauded. But when you read it, they wept?" 

The wise old man said to this curious child, " My son, you have done very well in reading the Psalm. You know the Psalm of the Shepherd well and you have read it with perfect diction and enunciation. But as for me, my voice may not be that clear, my diction poor, but after so many years of walking with my Beloved Lord, I know Him, the Shepherd of the Psalm very well."