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Monday, January 2, 2012

Pastor Albert's Quotations

If we were to wait until all our needs are met then we will give to the Lord, then we will never give anything at all. (AK)
God's dream for your life may be given in the night but it is in the day that His dream becomes a reality as you pursue it with conviction, patience and diligence. (AK)
Yesterday, I did a comparison between Jesus and Herod in my Christmas sermon. The one important thing that I learn for myself while preparing the message is that all of us are affected either by King Jesus (Spirit) or King Herod (Flesh). We have to allow Jesus to be King in all aspects of our life or He is not King at all. If we are not careful, we will give the opportunity for the 'Herod' within us to overshadow and ultimately remove Christ from our life.
Instead of celebrating our difference and uniqueness, we choose to see all these as barriers and reasons for hatred. Did God make everybody the same? We must remember that we were once unbelievers and how God, through His love, grace, mercy and full acceptance, brought us salvation. We were never rejected just because we were unbelievers. The enlightened people of God shared their love with us. We then become people who do not only experienced God's love but also shine forth His love to mankind. Therefore, showing the way of love begins with us, the Disciples of Christ.
Indeed, we can find many ways to enter into conflict because we are all different. The short people against the tall people; dark against fair, Chinese against Indians, Indians against Malays, fat against slim, Southern dialects against Northern dialects, Hokkien against Cantonese and even the bigger heads against the smaller heads etc 

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