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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Key To Overcoming Temptation

A minister traveling on a train in Europe was the sole occupant of a compartment, except for a young man reading a newspaper.

The youth was also a Christian, but so weak was his faith, and so many were his temptations, that he told the minister he did not think he would be able to stand life a week longer.

The minister took from his pocket a Bible and a penknife and said, "See, I will make this penknife stand up on the cover of this Bible, in spite of the rocking of the train."

The young man, thinking that this was some conjuring trick, watched the proceeding with interest, saying, "I am afraid that it will not be very easy to do that , sir."

"But," said the minister, "I am doing it."

"Oh, but you are holding it," retorted his fellow passenger.

"Why of course. Did you ever hear of a penknife standing up on its end without being held up?"

"I see," was the young man's comment. "I see you mean to teach me that I cannot stand unless Christ holds me. Thank you for reminding me of that."

My brethren, you just can't stand a day without Christ. Maybe you think you can but the REALITY is you just can't.

You have no chance resisting temptation without Christ.

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