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Monday, November 15, 2010

Elevator Attendant For Christ

Elevator Lady in Winter Uniform
Madam Cho, who lived alone, had recently given her life to Jesus Christ. Madam Cho was in her seventies and had a strong desire to serve the Lord but did not know how.  She wanted to do her part in obeying the Great Commission. She had heard her pastor talking about winning souls by opening home cells.

After Madam Cho had prayed, she decided to open her home for a cell meeting. However, she felt that since she was new to this apartment block, she had to get to know the neighbors. The problem was that majority of her neighbors were working folks and they hardly had time for any socializing.

Madam Cho came out with a great idea. She decided to meet her neighbors by offering her free service as a elevator attendant. She purchased a cap and a white uniform-like dress so that she would look like an authentic elevator attendant. She also purchased a little plastic stool so that she could sit in elevator if she became tired. 

Every morning and evening, Madam Cho positioned herself in the elevator and greeted every passenger. In the beginning, the neighbors were very aloof and quiet. Some of them expressed surprise that the management of their apartment had hired an elevator attendant. 

Madam Cho always smiled and had a cheerful greeting for every neighbor. Soon, one by one, these neighbors began to smile and greet her in return. The ice of strangeness slowly melted and soon they even greeted one another in the elevator. Everybody smiled more and they started chatting with their 'elevator attendant'. 

Before too long, Madam Cho started to invite these neighbors to weekend dinners. How thrilled they were when they learned that she was not an official elevator attendant. They were even more surprised by her willingness to do such a chore just to share the Gospel. Those neighbors who were Christians began helping Madam Cho to invite their non-Christian friends to her many weekend dinners. Soon, people were getting saved through her dinner-ministry.

Yes, Madam Cho did have a home cell at her apartment now. The fact was that she had been promoted to become a Zonal Cell Supervisor because the members of her home cell had gone out and opened many more new home cells in that area.

Today, Madam Cho is in her eighties and she no longer attends to the elevator anymore. There are now a few hundred similar "Madam Cho Elevator Attendants" in different parts of Seoul, ministering to thousands and getting them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

By Albert Kang

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