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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One Hundred Points

This guy dies and goes to heaven where he meets Peter at the Pearly Gates. Before he can enter Peter gives him a few questions to answer. He has to accumulate 100 points before he can go in.

"So, how often did you go to church?" Peter asks.

"I went every Sunday and Wednesday," replied the man.

"That's one point," answers Peter.

"One point? wow! I figured it would be worth more than that."

"And did you give in the offerings?" asked Peter.

"Yes, I gave 10% of all my income every week," answered the man.

"Well, let's see," answers Peter, "that's worth 3 points. Did you do anything else?"

"Well, right off hand, I can't think of a whole lot. I did mostly what I thought I was supposed to do."

"Well, we'll give you 5 points for good behavior, can't you come up with something else?"

By this time, the man is completely flustered. He finally cries, "Well, I can't come up with anything else. It looks like that no one can enter heaven except by the Grace of God!"

"100 points! Come on in!"

Wit & Wisdom - May 5, 1998

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