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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Too Much Temptation Out There!

Karine and her two sons, Jaeden (right) and Gareth(left)

Six-year old Jaeden had found video games to be addictive and needed his mother's help to break the addiction. (During my time, which six-year old ever thought of doing that?)  For almost two weeks, the little boy was doing fine with his abstinence until the final day which was on a Sunday. 


After Sunday School, Jaeden could not be found playing with his usual group of friends. He was with eight-year old Chantel, the pastor's daughter, in a classroom far away from where most of the kids were playing. Lynda, the pastor's wife, found only two of them together and was curious. She was surprised by the answer that Jaeden gave. 


He said, "I am not joining the rest of the kids because there is too much temptation out there!" 


What Jaeden meant was that many of the children were playing with hand-held video games and he was afraid to be tempted by them. 


Two weeks prior to the abstinence, Jaeden had prayed to the Lord with his mother, "lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil." According to Karine, her eldest son was really determined to fight this temptation. Whenever Jaeden scored victories over the temptation, she reminded him to cherish the victorious moments. 


After the two-week self-discipline rigor was over, little Jaeden broke out in a loud song and worshiped  the Lord with gusto, "Thru YOU, I can do Anything; I can do All things, cos it's You who gives me strength - Nothing is Impossible!"

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