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Friday, November 12, 2010

Because My Father Says So!

I asked Jaeden where his father was. The six-year old replied, "In Vietnam."

To further the conversation, I asked, "Do you know where is Vietnam?"

Jaeden said without any hesitation, "Yes!"

I was curious and asked further, "Have you been to Vietnam?"

With a quick innocent glance, Jaeden said, "No!".

"If you have not been there, how do you know where Vietnam is?" I jested.

Unperturbed, Jaeden said, "Because my father says so!"

Now imagine someone asks you about God the Father:

"Where is your Father?"

 "In Heaven!"

"Do you know where is Heaven?"

"If you have not been there, how do you know where Heaven is?"

"Because my Father says so!"

That is faith because we absolutely believe that our Father in Heaven would not lie to us and that He knows where Heaven is.

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