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Monday, November 8, 2010

Faith To Pray For Rain

The poor farming community depended on the rain so that their crops could survive. The rain had been late for weeks and so the people decided that it was time to invoke divine assistance.They visited the ailing preacher of the community at his home for advice.

The old preacher decided that on that very day, after the farming chores were done, every family should congregate at the old country church and pray to the good Lord for rain.

Everybody indeed turned up for the prayer meeting. The crippled also turned up to join in the effort of calling God to send the rain. The choir was there ready with their rain-invoking, God-worshiping songs. The sanctuary was so crowded that it looked like a Christmas service or a funeral gathering.

The elderly preacher finally arrived with help of his two sons. He had not been feeling well and had to be supported to the pulpit. He had also used a humongous umbrella as a walking stick. The choir members rose up to sing but the pastor signaled to the choir director for them to sit down. The noisy congregation quieted down and looked a bit confused because of the change of the order of service.

Behind the pulpit was the preacher in his preaching robe. He opened his mouth to speak but only a whisper came out. His elder son, who was nearby, quickly moved close to listen to what his father wanted to say. The attentive congregation was watching every move. They saw the middle-aged man nodding as the elderly preacher repeated his message to him.

The preacher's son stretched to his fullest height, looked at the congregation and said, "My dad says that he is happy that all of you are here in church tonight to pray for the rain." The members of the church smiled in relief and some even clapped.

Then the preacher's son added, "However, my dad - your pastor asked, 'If you are praying for rain, then where are your umbrellas?"

By Rev Albert Kang

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